The Persian Manuscripts Association (PMA) is an international academic organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of research on Islamicate manuscripts of the vast Persianate world. This includes Iran and all regions that historically participated in or interfaced with persophone culture, from the Balkans and Egypt in the west to India and China in the east.

The PMA provides a friendly, welcoming space to share ongoing research, publish findings and access resources related to the study of Persianate manuscripts. It is especially committed to supporting the work of junior scholars in all relevant fields, from art history and codicology to history of literature and history of philosophy and science.

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The Persian Manuscripts Association enthusiastically welcomes new members and extends its membership to individuals from all backgrounds. 
Regular Membership includes the right to submit an abstract and register for our biennial conference, a subscription to receive and publish in the PMA journal Shamsa, invitation to talks and events hosted by the Association, the right to participate in the Association’s board elections, and receive regular announcements/newsletters via our mailing list. Lifetime Membership and Student Membership includes the same rights and benefits as a Regular Membership PMA team helps students and scholars source research materials, especially those in less accessible libraries.
By becoming a member, you will not only receive regular updates about our activities and the Annual Report, but also have the opportunity to support our work and contribute to our efforts in expanding appreciation for the cultural heritage of the Persian world.
All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the PMA directorial board.
Lifetime Membership: £150
Regular Membership: £50 per year
Student Membership: £20 per year

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News & Events


Online ZOOM lecture by Dr. Shiva Mihan | Washington University in St. Louis

Please register with: https://oeaw-ac-at.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_t4b0-0otQBiO7isUUrVhfw

“Baysunghur’s Workshop: Exhibition of mastepieces from Baysunghur’s library.”

Malek National Library and Museum, 21 November 2023.

The event includes talks by Abolala Soudavar and Dr Shiva Mihan.

This is an in-person event only.

Timurid and Safavid Music in Manuscripts

Held by: Persian Manuscripts Association (online)
Hosted by: Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton

10 May 2024

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“ʾVisualising Persian History: The Illustration of Persian Manuscript Histories.”
The talk will take place on Tuesday 21st  of November 2023, 6:16 pm (CET).

More information:  https://www.oeaw.ac.at/ifi/veranstaltungen/event-details/visualising-persian-history-the-illustration-of-persian-manuscript-histories

To participate online, please register at https://oeaw-ac-at.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_17rkdW40Tvi9AWD-GkAtnQ#/registration

“Collation Culture in Pre-Modern Islam: The Manuscript Tradition of Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa’s ʿUyūn al-Anbāʾ fī Ṭabaqāt al-Aṭibbāʾ”

The talk will take place on Tuesday 17th of October 2023, 5 pm (CET).

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Shamsa: The Journal of the Persian Manuscripts Association invites submissions for the inaugural 2024 volume.

The journal focuses on Islamic manuscript studies in the historically Persianate world (including, but not limited to, Iran, Iraq, South Asia, Central Asia, and Turkey). We welcome submissions that focus on manuscripts and related media from the Late Antique up to the modern periods and discuss material written in Persian, Arabic, Turkish and other related languages like Urdu, Chagatai, and Uyghur. Submissions include articles and research notes that contribute to the fields of history and art history, literature, codicology, conservation, historiography, and museum and library studies.

Submission deadline is Friday, 24 February 2023. Find more details here.