About Us

PMA is a non-profit organisation funded by [xxx]/associated with [xxx]. It was founded in response to the particular challenges and complexities associated with studying Persianate manuscript material, and the need for increased communication and cooperation across the field.
PMA aims to:

• organise regular workshops/conferences, training courses;
• launch an online peer-reviewed publishing platform geared towards early and mid-career scholars; (?)
• provide modest amounts of funding for third-party copyright permissions [for example – could also have travel, digital image acquisition, etc.];
• and establish an international online database of academics, curators and librarians in order to facilitate collaboration and research assistance.

Our membership year runs from January to December, but new applications are welcome at any time. Membership benefits include (?):

• access to the PMA scholar database;
• access to grant schemes;
• receiving assistance with acquiring research material such as codices and documents
• etc.?